May 8, 2021

Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT&I), a company specializing in investments and commercial property management, and Marina Rudneva established Vos’hod real estate development company. The new company will mainly work on the elite residential projects, the hallmark of which is a special lifestyle, where the experience of using space is rethought to create a harmonious ecosystem. In addition, the company will implement landmark multifunctional projects.

Vos'hod brings a new attitude to the real estate development. The company plans to attract leading architects with global expertise and an understanding of current trends to develop projects naturally integrated into the urban environment using modern technologies in engineering and construction. A bespoke hotel service, as well as conscious approach to the infrastructure, a careful attention to design and competent traffic flows regulation will create a special lifestyle where aesthetics meets human comfort.

Vos'hod's philosophy is revealed by its name - Human Oriented Development. A comprehensive understanding of the habits, needs and expectations of the end user, combined with a deep understanding of contemporary technologies allows the company to create projects in which you want to stay.

Marina Rudneva, co-founder of Vos’hod, comments: “The new company is a natural response to the challenges of the modern world, when people seek to gain impressions and experiences. Our goal is to create projects of an impeccable lifestyle, combining well thought-out design and architecture with patterns of space use. We believe that the modern elite real estate development in Moscow has reached a high level of architecture and design expertise, but it still lacks awareness of the end-user’s spacial relations and their feelings. Home is a place where people spend a long time. The correspondence of its functionality to the resident's internal needs plays a significant role in a personal mind-set and mood. We know that our audience has a notion of a “perfect house”, but it exists mainly at the level of feelings and emotions, and not easy to express and measure in square meters, the number of dressing rooms or bathrooms. We work a lot on the insights of our target audience, constantly attracting experts from the hospitality industry in order create the perfect lifestyle that meets the values and needs of a person, and which is often difficult to express verbally”.

The first project

Vos'hod will enter the market with a mixed-use project. The company became a fee-developer of the renovation of the Central Telegraph building located in the historical center of Moscow, just a few steps from the Moscow Kremlin. The Strelka Institute became a consultant for the qualified selection of a chief architect for the renovation of this landmark project

Marina Rudneva says: “The work on the Central Telegraph project is a great honor, but also a big responsibility. We are faced with a challenging task, as returning the project to its former significance and breathing new life into it takes a careful attitude to the historical appearance of the heritage building”.

Reference Information

RT&I is a private investment company specializing in real estate investments and development, founded in 2007. RT&I also holds O1 Properties, one of the largest property owners in Moscow with a portfolio of 12 operational office centers in key business districts with total floor area of more than 600 000 sq.m. The current value of projects in the company's portfolio is USD 3.5 billion.

Marina Rudneva has been working in the field of real estate, development and finance for over 15 years. She held the position of Deputy General Director of Gleden-Invest, and was the head of the Financial Group "Future”.

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