June 9, 2021
The Central Telegraph will become house of flagships

Vos'hod, a developer of exclusive projects in the residential and mixed-use real estate segment, has chosen CBRE as the exclusive consultant for the marketing and leasing of retail space in the Central Telegraph multifunctional complex, located at 7 Tverskaya Street.

The iconic historic building, built in 1927 by the architect Ivan Rerberg, after careful restoration and adaptation to modern use, will turn into an iconic multifunctional space and become a new point of attraction in the city. The work will be carried out under the control of the Moscow City Heritage Agency after approval of all project documentation.

The first three floors of the building will house a modern shopping gallery, for which CBRE has developed a concept called House of Flagships. Retail infrastructure of the Central Telegraph with a leasable area of 15,000 sq. m will unite the flagship stores of famous international and local brands, the largest technology companies in different segments: from clothing and footwear to the automotive industry and electronics, as well as designer cafes and fancy restaurants. Currently, CBRE, the project consultant, is negotiating with White Rabbit Family, Coffeemania, Lucky Group, Ilya Tyutenkov and a number of big-time restaurateurs in Moscow. The rent levels in the Central Telegraph will be comparable to the top shopping galleries in Moscow.

Marina Rudneva, Chairman of the Board, Vos'hod: “The rich history of the building, its innovative architecture and iconic location within walking distance from the Moscow Kremlin make Central Telegraph an unprecedented offer for future tenants. The most advanced building of its time, Central Telegraph is an ideal place for flagship stores of the world's largest brands. "

Marina Malakhatko, Director of Retail Department, CBRE Russia: “The Central Telegraph is a project that has no parallels in the world. It combines the features of the most diverse and certainly iconic sites such as the Sony Center in Berlin, La Rinascente in Milan and the Gallery in New York. In the process concept development we attracted our experts from the UK, Spain and Australia. For Moscow, this is the first truly modern multifunctional project that claims to be the city's business card along with other sights of the capital“

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